A Day in the Life

This is a fictionalised account of a day in the life of two pupils at Kew House School.

Oliver is in Year 8

7 30 am – Arrived at school early today and headed straight for the restaurant. Bought a hot chocolate and dived on to an IT cluster to finish off my Physics homework from last night – posted it to Mr Lees on the Virtual Learning Environment. Had five minutes left to check the football blog from our match on Monday.

8.30 am – English. My best subject! Right now at the old age of thirteen I can see myself as a theatre director. We had a great discussion with Mrs Pepys last week about rhetoric in Shakespeare and how a mass of people can be influenced. We looked at the speeches of Mark Anthony and Brutus in Julius Caesar and compared them to modern politicians. I’m looking forward to going to the National Theatre to see this play next term.

10.00 am – Breakfast break. After a quick drink went to a flexi room to work on an animation project I’m doing with Max. Hopefully, we can show it in assembly.

10.20 am – Maths. I like the brain “warm up” we do at the start of every lesson - ten mental arithmetic questions against the clock. This certainly wakes us up. Mr Noble started a new topic with us today which he says will be of practical use. We were given scale drawings and two facts: one litre of paint would cover 6 square metres of wall and a 5-litre tin of paint costs £31.99. We had to work out how much it would cost to paint the house. I am working with David and he is really good at organising the way forward on this task.

11.50 am - Tutor group. I like this part of the day as we get the chance to talk to kids in other year groups. Spoke to Sarah in Year 7. She’s worried about maths next year. I told her I had a bit of difficulty last term, especially with simultaneous equations, and that Mr Noble gave me some extra tuition. This helped a lot. It’s still not my favourite but I’m more confident in maths now.

12.15 pm - Lunch. I’m starving. Spoke to Mrs Ladle, the school cook, about my food technology class next week. I said we are going to learn how to prepare roast chicken and then serve it to our parents in the restaurant. She said she would look forward to sampling my efforts. I’m on the school food committee and I feel that they have definitely listened to some of our suggestions this year. Afterwards I went to the sensory garden in the playground just to chill out in the sun – was talking to Joey about whether to do jazz club next term – his dad is coming in to help with the brass section.

1.15pm – 4.15pm Games. Got the coach to Westminster Pitches. We had a team talk with Mr Sweeney and then worked on technical skills. Don’t think I’m going to get into the first team this year but that doesn’t matter as long as I get a chance to play. Anyway, my favourite is kayaking – can’t wait until Friday clubs to get back on to the river.

4.30 pm – Clubs.  Am doing a music programming club with Miss Wallace. We are using Logic Pro on the Macs in the music department. I’m really getting the hang of it and have added strings to a piano piece I’m working on.

5.30 pm – Mum was due to pick me up today but not until 6 30 so I had an hour to kill. Was tempted to do a bit of work on my painting (entitled “View From the Thames”) but decided to leave it until tomorrow as the Art Department never seems to close. Another hot chocolate.  Said hello to Mrs Gardener in the café. She has known me since I was four!


Hannah is aged 17 and in the Sixth form. She is studying History, Politics and Government and Biology A-Levels as well as Spanish AS-Level.


9.00 am – Had a later start today as I was at school last night with the drama group putting the finishing touches to our Sixth Form production. Went to the library for an hour to research Richard II and the Peasants’ Revolt. Signed out an iPad from the librarian.

10.00 am – Had a quick coffee and croissant at the cafe. Met Pierre and Melissa and we talked about our presentation on Federico García Lorca for Spanish class next week.

10.20 am - Politics and Government. We discussed John Stuart Mill and the idea of the tyranny of the majority. Is direct democracy the purest and best form of government? Mr Madison is setting us an essay on this – why don’t we use X-Factor style voting to decide what the government does? I think I can link this in with our IS course* debate on leadership  which I am chairing next week.

* Individuals in Society course – important, non-examined part of school curriculum.

11.50 am - Personal Tutor time, met with my PT. I was able to help Oliver with his options, giving him advice on who to talk to. Good to help the younger pupils.

12.15 pm - Lunch. Went up to the art department to use the graphics software to design my History coursework cover. One of the Year 9 boys seemed to know more than I do about this so I asked him to help me. It’s looking really professional. Went to the canteen – felt like vegetarian today. Caught up with Arjun and Amelia and talked about the field trip to Bolivia this summer. I think I am really going to have get over my fear of insects if I’m going to help save the planet!

1.15 pm  - Biology. I love being in the science department – the number of projects going on always motivates me. We are studying biodiversity at the moment and our current case study is the reintroduction of wolves (after 70 years) into Yellowstone National Park in America. This is really interesting because of the effect it has had on every aspect of the ecosystem there. We looked at data proving the effect of apex predators. The tree line at Yellowstone has flourished since the wolves have culled the elk, for example.

4.30 pm - Rowing Club. Been looking forward to this all day. We are all inspired by the success of the 2012 Olympic team! Hoping to invite one of them to come into school to give a talk. Walked down to the boathouse near Kew railway bridge. I think, as a team, we are starting to work together– smoothness, not just brute force, leads to speed. Spotted some herons nesting on the bank – not sure I am supposed to be admiring the wildlife as we go by.  

5.30 pm – Was going to head off home but there is always something going on. Noticed there was a guest speaker from London Business School tonight. Will China dominate global economics this century? Thought it might be interesting and also useful for university interviews coming up next year. Just had time for a quick snack and smoothie.