From September 2016, the school will be using ParentPay as a means of paying for school trips, clubs, break time snacks and merchandise. If you have any further queries that are not answered in the FAQs below, then please contact the Bursar department. 

ParentPay FAQs

Q: What is ParentPay?

A: ParentPay is the school’s online payment system.

Q: What can be paid for via ParentPay?

A: School trips and clubs that have been arranged directly by the school. From 31st October, vending, break time foods, merchandising and café items can be purchased via our cashless till system which links to ParentPay.

Q: Will we be able to pay for school fees and lunches via ParentPay?

A: No. You will still be billed termly or monthly if you are paying by direct debit.

Q: Will I have to register for an online account?

A: Yes, you will receive a letter inviting you to register an online ParentPay account. This will contain your user account and password to register. You will have to provide your email address.

Q: I already have ParentPay for another child, will I be able to sync them through one login?

A: Yes, you can do so by following the instructions in the registration letter.

Q: Can another person make payments into my child’s ParentPay account eg. grandparents?

A: Yes, they can also be registered. However, they will be able to see any transactions associated to that account.

Q: How does cashless payments work?

A: We will have biometric tills that allows students to pay for consumable items with the use of their finger prints.

Q: Is there more information about how biometrics work?

A: Yes. There is a separate FAQ which can be found here. We will also require parent/guardian consent to use a student’s biometrics.

Q: How do I add money to the ParentPay account?

A: The majority of people will add money to accounts with the use of a debit or credit card payment. Payments can also be made at PayPoint sites for people without debit or credit cards. If you want to know where you nearest stores are use and put in your postcode.

Q: What advantages will there be for the parents/guardians?

A: Parents/guardians will be notified of school trips and clubs which they can pay for via ParentPay. They will be reminded and payment can be made faster and more efficiently. Outstanding balances will be transparent. They will also be able to see what consumable items have been purchased.

Q: What if I have made payments for a school trip before ParentPay is introduced?

A: These payments will be credited against the school trip as an opening balance.

Q: Can I access ParentPay via my mobile phone or tablet?

A: Yes. The ParentPay portal is mobile and tablet ready, as well as being accessible via a desktop or laptop computer.

Q: What support is there for ParentPay?

A: ParentPay has online support for queries relating to their portal ie. forgotten password. For account related queries, you should contact the Bursars office.