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Prior to entry the school will send you information regarding examination procedures.

If you would prefer to send in the form via post, you can download an application form here

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Please note: we may request a confidential reference from the applicant’s current school. 

If applicable please give the name(s) of the applicant’s sibling(s) who is(are) already attending Kew House School: 

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Please state which parent(s) the applicant lives with. 

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Please use this section to give us any information relevant to an application for a place at Kew House School. 

If English is not your child’s first language 


I wish to apply for a place for my son/daughter at Kew House School. I understand that completion of this form does not guarantee that a place will be available or that he/she will be accepted as a student. 

Payment (please tick as appropriate) 

Non-refundable cheque for £120 made payable to “Kew House School Ltd” 


via online transfer of £120 to “Kew House School Ltd”, NatWest Bank Account Number 37910140, Sort Code 605006 and referenced the payment with the applicant’s name. 

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